Indianapolis, IN
"If you're the non-custodial parent and feel LOST, do NOT click anything else without reading first, then click the call button!! SERIOUSLY Absolutely a life saver .. I know Deidra Haynes Law Office handles many issues both criminal and civil but my personal experience with her was and still is with Family Court. Tried pro se? You know the nice easy to use website the state offers that seems only to cater to the custodial parent.. Tried other lawyers ? Tried giving in to everything the other party asked for just so you could see your kids ? I’ve been there and done it ALL! I was almost to a point where I wanted to literally give up. It was a circus a nightmare . All I wanted was to see my children. Something that some may take for granted. Let me tell you that YOU have rights more than you probably know. Deidra is aggressive , fair, and passionate about fighting for those of us, that all too often feel stripped of the basic rights we are in search of. While I don’t want say this isn’t a problem for both mothers and fathers, it’s pretty well known that it’s normally the fathers left behind without a voice to be heard. She takes a stressful situation that will have you on the edge of hopelessness and breath new life and confidence into you because you’re no linger alone in the fight anymore. If your reading this because you want to see your kids , or your fighting to get joint custody , and your FIGHTING for your kids to do what’s best for your little boy or girl. Then I assure you that she will not only fight to get you results but also will be firm in making sure those results and orders are complied with.I wish there wasn’t even a need for attorneys like Deidra to fight in family court , but unfortunately there is , and your children and peace of mind are worth every penny. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can just do it yourself, while that may be an option it’s a risky one, and one I would only suggest if you can not afford the best option which is retaining Deidra Haynes as your counsel and voice in the court room."